Bajkowska Method

The quickest music method

1 year of piano education in 6 lessons / 4 years of education in 1 year

Bajkowska Method

The lowest cost of piano education

Just 1 piano in a classroom allows up to 200 children to start playing piano from notes!

Bajkowska Method

The awaited revolution in education

True creativity in schools & kindergartens: every child will start to compose music!



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World’s first book with music composed by children, for children. Young composers are just 3 – 9 years old.

'The Fairy-Tale Notes'

About the Bajkowska Method

The Bajkowska Method

The only educational method, which teaches children the music in the most natural way – through their unlimited imagination. There is no “mathematics” in the teaching process that’s why children quickly achieve many amazing results:

On the 1st lesson

Children truly understand music notes, can recognize them on the piano keyboard, play from notes 1 – 3 music compositions.

After 6 lessons

After 6th lessons children already compose their first music composition, can write it on the stave and play it on the piano using both hands!

After 10 - 20 lessons

Older children after individual lessons are able to play from notes Waltz A-Minor by F. Chopin! Of course the perfectness requires much more time of piano training.

After 1 year

All children in a classroom (in an elementary school) with just 60 min. of music lessons per week will play on the piano well enough to continue their education in a professional music school.


An official patronage from Polish Committee of UNICEF

The Pedagogy Of Fun

Children interpret the world through their unlimited imagination and fantasy. Music notation is based on many mathematical rules invented for the adults. That’s why effective music notation learning is usually difficult for little children, because they cannot interpret this knowledge through their world of imagination. The younger children are the more difficult is to play music from notes.

Bajkowska Method during last 35 years made a real revolution on Polish education market because is based on the pedagogy of fun, where children learn all the mathematical rules of music notation through fairly tales, team games and children plays. After few lessons all the children in the classroom can play piano from notes and compose their own simple music compositions. A personification of music notes used by Ms Lidia Bajkowska in her method allows children to easily and truly understand, remember and enjoy all these mathematical rules used in music theory. That’s why this method quickly achieves some amazing pedagogical effects without any tasks, exams or homework for children, what differentiates it from most of other music methods.

Bajkowska Method can elastically support both the professional artistic education in music schools and the music appreciation in kindergartens or primary schools. Moreover, it supports all other music methods by ensuring quick results in explaining the most difficult part of music – the “mathematical” rules of music notes – to young students at any age.

Lidia Bajkowska

Lidia Bajkowska is a Polish bestseller writer / children novelist, pianist, music educator, author of a unique music method.

In 1981 she completed doctoral studies at the Faculty of Composition, Conducting and Music Theory at The Frederic Chopin Music University in Warsaw. During her studies she opened the first “musical zero-level class” – a yearly preliminary music program for children, which has been popular in Poland until today for last 35 years (run by music schools and music universities / academies in the whole country).

Her book “The Fairlytale About Song and notes” became one of the biggest bestsellers in the latest history of Poland (similar to the popularity of “Harry Potter”). This book is based on Bajkowska Method, that’s why children learn music notation even by themselves – just after reading it. Music teachers in many music schools, primary schools and kindergartens still use this book (or its story) in their daily activities.

Lidia Bajkowska received awards from the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of National Education in Poland.

She wrote also few other educational books about music (for older children). One of them “The Abduction of a Princess Music Note” was made into a tv movie by Polish National Television (TVP).

Biography of Lidia Bajkowska

Children’s litearture by Lidia Bajkowska (music and theatre books):

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Sold over 1,000,000 books!

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Music Education Expo

For the first time The Bajkowska Method had been presented in March 2015 on the international market at Music Education Expo in London, United Kingdom. Watch the official lecture below, which includes also some examples of music composed by children (who learned how to compose with Bajkowska Method).


Slides / presentation:

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